General Meeting Spring 2021: Dr. Liz Tovar

March 21, 2021 Brittany Caskey 0 Comments

On March 3rd, Dr. Liz Tovar kicked off our first General Meeting for the spring 2021 semester. She walked us through her unique career transition from collegiate athletics to the Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at the University of Iowa. Dr. Liz Tovar encouraged “living in discomfort” because that is where the most growth occurs. She reminded us that you could not step into success when the constant fear of failure lingers within every decision you make. 

Dr. Tovar focused on supporting members within our organization or community who may come from different backgrounds or experiences. For starters, she encouraged us to treat people as if they are a blank canvas. Let other people help you paint a picture of their story. While it is essential to speak up for voices who may not be sitting around the table, let those speaking be heard and know that they are valued and understood.

Many WIB members wanted to know Dr. Tovar’s takeaways as a woman in a competitive work environment. She explained how early on in her career, she spent a lot of time analyzing other people’s assumptions or how they might be viewing her. She took a step back to realize she could not please everyone, which allowed her to step into her true authentic self, where she has continued to advocate for herself and not apologize for it. What has helped Dr. Tovar remain strong in her views and passions is that she realizes she is not just fighting and advocating for herself. She told us, “I am fighting for other people. Knowing this helps amplify my voice.” 

Dr. Tovar has worked within college education for a long time now. College is a special time in everyone’s life because you go from relying heavily on your family and parents to developing into independent thinkers and learners. Dr. Tovar told us watching this journey take place is one of the most rewarding parts of her job and is a huge reason she loves being immersed within the college campus culture. She ended the presentation by instilling a little motivation by encouraging us all “to strive to become her boss one day.”

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