Position Details

Year Long Positions 


Goal: Encourage professional development and motivate all members to reach their full potential by providing inspiring meetings and events in addition to supporting the executive board to think creatively. Details of Position:
  • Coordinate a speaker series for the general meetings that relates to a variety of members by having diverse speakers throughout the semester
  • Motivate and encourage all executive board members in achieving their goals throughout the semester by communicating with them frequently and offering them assistance when needed
  • Continue to enhance the Big 10 Connection by hosting monthly conference calls and staying actively involved in all communications
  • Plan the Leadership Conference during the Spring Semester that inspires our members to develop professionally and encourages them to lead

Vice President

Goal: Organize and maintain behind the scenes operations of the organization and connect our members with the community through organized philanthropy points Details of Position:
  • Assist the President with revising and preparing agendas for general and executive board meetings
  • Assist the President and other executive board members as needed
  • Create member calendar and post updates as the semester progresses
  • Create and distribute membership forms
  • Plan the Silent Auction that benefits Iowa Women’s Foundation or organization of choice
  • Assist the President with the WIB Scholarship process
  • Contribute to the annual year-end TCOB assessment of our organization
  • Offer 3-5 different events per semester, at least 1 needs to be uncapped

VP of Technology

Goal: Help executive board streamline processes and help members stay informed on upcoming Women in Business events. Details of Position:
  • Keep website updated with current events and information as well as applications
  • Answer member questions related to points
  • Document event, philanthropy, and meeting points via ICON
  • Manage QR code relationship with assistance of President & Vice President
  • Update Engage and ICON with upcoming events and member/exec board information

VP of Internal Affairs

Goal: To help foster relationship that enable members to connect on a personal and professional level Details of position:
  • Gal Pal Program
    • Connect members based on common interests
    • Plan monthly challenges for the Gal Pals
  • Lean in Circle Program
    • Initiate programs and events that facilitate relationships between members
    • Design internal mentoring programs to foster growth and leadership among members
    • Create an open and encouraging environment for members to trust, inspire, and challenge one another

VP of External Relations

Goal: Provide opportunities for members to build connections with organizations, events, and individuals outside of Women in Business in order to facilitate and maximize professional growth Details of Position:
  • Create and maintain Women in Business alumni database to be utilized by the organization and its members
  • Establish and maintain corporate sponsors and gain $5,000 in sponsorships per year
  • Assist VP of Professionalism with finding corporate support
  • Utilize Linked-In as professional growth tool to connect WIB members with external information and individuals such as alumni and recruiters
  • Collect and relay information that is external to the organization that is pertinent to the mission of Women in Business
  • Hold 3 professional workshops per semester (LinkedIn, Resumes, Headshots, Business Cards, Financial Literacy, etc.)

VP of Mentoring

Goal: Connect members with each other and influential women in the business community in order to build professional relationships Details of position:
  • External Mentoring
    • Partner with the Tippie College of Business External Relations faculty and Women in Business’ network (IWF) to identify external mentors
    • Utilize and update our mentor database with past and potential future mentors
    • Connect WIB members with an external mentor based on common career interests
    • Plan an external mentoring kickoff  in Fall & speed networking event in Spring that allows mentors and mentees to connect by hosting a keynote speaker and providing time to network
    • Check in monthly on the mentor/mentee connection in order to ensure there is a positive encouraging relationship
  • Mentoring Event
    • Host a mentoring event with professional women in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area, typically a Speed Mentoring event where WIB members have the opportunity to meet many business women per year
    • Cultivate relationship with Barb Thomas for additional assistance with events

VP of Finance

Goal: Manage all expenses within Women in Business in a cost effective way while still proportioning funds for new and innovative ideas Details of Position:
  • Collect and record membership dues at the beginning of the semester
  • Check UPO Office WIB mailbox weekly
  • Handle all WIB expenses from food for general meetings to professional trip costs
  • Maintain a detailed budget throughout the year
  • Apply for funding each year using previous treasury budgets
  • Interface with executive members to ensure proper communication and proportioning of funds

VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Goal: Ensure that WIB is an inclusive organization in which all members are embraced and given opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Details of Position:
  • Develop and implement diversity-related events and learning opportunities for members to engage with
  • Outline and monitor initiatives that will help make WIB a more inclusive organization
  • Connect members with resources that will help them learn about the importance of DEI initiatives

Semester Long Positions

VP of Fundraising

Goal: Provide fundraising opportunities for member to give back to WIB in helping to raise $1,000 for the semester Details of Position:
  • Plan 4-5 events for the semester with 1 to 2 events per month
  • Raise funding in order to keep costs lower for members
  • Promote an event that allows members to bring guests that will introduce them to WIB

VP of Community Service

Goal: Provide volunteer opportunities to WIB members to encourage involvement in the community and help them learn the values of community service Details of Position:
  • Plan 10 events throughout the semester for members to volunteer at
  • Evenly distribute events to ideally have 2-3 per month
  • Maintain positive relationships with all organizations WIB works with
  • Aim to work with organizations that have a similar mission as WIB

VP of Marketing

Goal: To provide effective service to WIB members by marketing events and promotions of the organization Details of Position:
  • Plan and execute a successful Recruitment of new members at the beginning of each semester
  • Market and promote WIB events to our members and to the Tippie College of Business
  • Assist executive board in promoting each event they hold for members through the use of social media
  • Post upcoming meeting and event information along with other opportunities on WIB’s social media pages
  • Post two meaningful updates a week on social media platforms
  • Encourage members to uphold the WIB brand and continue to maintain our image
  • Assist PR chair in creating the WIB newsletter

VP of Events

Goal: To provide WIB members with social events to engage in new friendships and build a stronger relationship among all members Details of Position:
  • Plan 5-7 social events per semester to facilitate member interactions
  • Partner with Vice President of Finance to ensure sticking to the budget

VP of Professionalism

Goal: Plan and coordinate a professional trip to a Midwest City and a local professional trip for WIB members in order to improve members’ professional development and enhance their network Details of Position:
  • Plan agenda for the Midwest City professional trip that includes Marketing/Management and Finance/Accounting/BAIS
  • Ensure the companies we visit have opportunities that relate to our members’ majors
  • Contact hotel and charter bus company as soon as dates for professional trip are set
  • Plan 1 small professional trip per semester to Eastern Iowa city

VP of Sustainability

Goal: Provide opportunities for WIB to become a more sustainable organization that focuses on reducing our environmental impact. Additionally, encourage WIB members to learn about sustainability by planning events that emphasize the importance of sustainability in today’s business world Details of Position:
  • Map out ways that would help WIB to overall become a more sustainable student organization
  • Work with other exec board positions and their events to insure that they are being carried out with a sustainable focus
  • Create 3-4 events per semester for WIB members to attend where they can better learn about sustainability and the roles it plays in our business world today

VP of Public Relations

Goal: Create a fun and interactive bi-weekly newsletter (2 issues a month) Details of Position:
  • Create a bi-weekly newsletter to send out to general members, community partners, and corporate sponsors so they can learn about what WIB has been up to
  • Utilize VP of Marketing to assist with gathering of event photos, and writing of certain sections of the newsletter
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