WIB Fall 2018 Member Packet

The purpose of the Women in Business point system is to ensure active members are participating in professional, educational, and social events to help foster personal growth. The requirements must be met in order to put Women in Business on your resume. At the beginning of the semester, potential members must complete an application and attend a membership meeting. Throughout the semester, members must attend at least 5 general meetings and get at least 13 event points, including 1 philanthropy point. Awards are given at the end of the semester to the highest point leaders.

Membership meeting: ALL new and old members will be required to attend the membership meeting selected on their application. Afterwards, members must attend 5 out of 7 general meetings. You will be denied membership if you fail to attend a membership meeting.

New Point Requirements:

There are three levels of membership: bronze, silver, and gold.  All three point levels include 1 required philanthropy point.

Gold: Top 5 members earning most event points (+ 5 meetings + 1 philanthropy)

Silver: 5 meetings + 17 events + 1 philanthropy

Bronze: 5 meetings + 12 events + 1 philanthropy

The top five members with the highest points will receive a special incentive for their efforts at the end of the semester.

*Failure to attend an event that you signed up for will result in an equivalent point deduction
*2 semesters of probation will result in termination of membership

Lean In Circle: All new members will be required to join a Lean In Circle. Previous members will be highly encouraged but not required to join.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the President, Katelyn Misel, at, or the VP of Technology, Emily Larson, at