Early Registration starts today! Are you ready?

Fall 2022 early registration runs from April 11th-22nd.   Are you ready? 

Here are four important questions to consider to be sure you are ready to register:

  1. Do you need to meet with an advisor prior to registration for authorization?  You can schedule an appointment through MyUI.
  2. Do you meet all the prerequisites for your fall courses?  You can check that in MyUI through these easy steps:
    • Login to MyUI
    • Search for a course you plan to take in the fall
    • Click into any section of that course.  There will be a message in the “Prerequisites” field that tells you whether or not you meet the prereqs.
    • Find out more about prerequisites HERE.
  3. Do you have all course permissions that you need for your fall schedule?
    • If you are a Tippie student who cannot yet declare your major but plan to start major courses in the fall, your advisor will need to give you permission for those.
  4. Do you have a few preferred schedules saved in Schedule Builder?
    • Schedule Builder is the best way to be sure you do meet all the requirements for your courses.  If you don’t have the prerequisites or don’t have permission for major courses, you’ll be blocked when building schedules.
    • Test out Schedule Builder well before your registration date to be sure you won’t be blocked from any courses at your registration time!

Best of luck with your planning!



Jennifer Blair

Blair, Jennifer A - Assoc. Director, Advising & Registration, UPO