Drop deadline is Friday, May 8

The drop deadline for semester-long classes is this Friday, May 8. 

The drop deadline normally occurs in the 10th week of the semester, but this extended date was provided to better serve students in the unique circumstances of this semester.

For this semester only, the drop deadline is also the deadline to withdraw from your entire Iowa schedule.  More information about that is here.  If you are considering a complete withdrawal, please reach out to your academic advisor as soon as possible. 

What is the drop deadline?

  • The drop deadline is the date by which you can drop a course without seeking Dean’s permission.  You need to fully complete the drop of a course in MyUI by 11:59pm on Friday, May 8.
  • After this day, a drop may only be processed with a Dean’s authorization, which requires a petition showing extraordinary circumstances.  Academic performance is not considered an extraordinary cause for dropping a course after the drop deadline.
  • Courses that last for less than a full semester likely have different drop deadlines.  Please see the Registrar’s Course Calendar for specific course dates.

Be sure to get permissions early if you need them!
When you initiate the drop process for your course in MyUI, you will also be told if you need permission(s) to drop the course (such as advisor or ISSS).  These permissions, if required, must be requested by 4:00pm on Friday, May 8.

Questions?  Please reach out to your academic advisor this week with questions about dropping.




Jennifer Blair

Blair, Jennifer A - Assoc. Director, Advising & Registration, UPO