Looking to fit a Gen Ed into your spring schedule? Check out ONLINE Chem in Industry (CHEM:1100)

Need to satisfy your Natural Science without Lab category, and looking for a business-focused option that’s online this spring?

Chemistry in Industry and the Economy (CHEM:1100) has seats available for spring.  Offered for many years but only recently online, this course teaches basic chemistry from the perspective of companies using it to create everything from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics to plastics.

Nervous about remembering your high school Chem course?  Here’s what the instructor says about the course material in the MyUI description:

I will assume a basic working knowledge of mathematics and an ability to use a calculator. I will assume that everyone knows that there is a periodic table and that we are made of atoms, the rest we will explore together. What I expect out of students is willingness and eagerness to learn about something that may be out of their area of expertise, but that will apply to many different parts of their lives. I am constantly amazed at the beauty of chemistry, and I hope you will be too. 

View the full MyUI description here.

Jennifer Blair

Blair, Jennifer A - Assoc. Director, Advising & Registration, UPO