Got a question for Tippie’s embedded therapist? Zoom into Let’s Talk, Hawks!

Let’s Talk, Hawks! is a drop-in, one-on-one consultation service offered by UCS. At this time, you can speak individually (over Zoom) with Tippie’s embedded therapist, engage in problem-solving, learn about useful resources, or ask questions about counseling.

Tuesdays through Zoom
7:00-8:00 pm
Meeting ID: 850 294 424
Therapist: Kristin Wurster, Ph.D.

Please note, Let’s Talk, Hawks! consultations are:

  • First come, first serve – no appointments needed
  • Brief – up to 15 minutes
  • No information is collected and kept about you, and there is no paperwork to be completed
  • Not counseling or a crisis service


Kristin Wurster

Wurster, Kristin G - Embedded Staff Therapist