WBCLC 2023 Information

2023 Conference Details

The conference dates are March 3rd-5th 2023, and the conference location is at the Graduate Hotel in Downtown Iowa City. For more information on conference details, including the schedule, maps, things to do in Iowa City, and more, please visit the 2023 BIG10 WBCLC website!

After sending our Executive Board members to the conference for the past few years, WIB chose to apply to host the conference in Iowa City in 2023. We are extremely excited to have the conference this year. We are more than confident we will be able to create an inspiring and thought-provoking 2023 conference that will showcase Iowa City and some amazing companies! The conference will consist of networking socials, workshops, keynote speakers, and a community service event. We would love for your company to get Big10 Women’s Business Connection Leadership Conference involved in any aspect.

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