Internal Programs

Gal Pals

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Gal Pals is a part of our Internal Mentoring program. Those who choose to participate get paired up with another member and are challenged to meet each month. Each month has a themed challenge, which in the past have included “Do Something You Haven’t Done Since You Were a Child” and “Celebrate a Weird Holiday.” Participants have the opportunity to earn 3 points from the Gal Pal program, along with a point for attending the kickoff event at the beginning of the semester.

Lean-In Circles

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Lean In Circles are a part of our Internal Mentoring program. They were created within our Women In Business organization in the Fall of 2014. They are based off Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean-In” book and nonprofit. Our goal is to empower the women within each circle by speaking on topics both on a professional and personal level through small group meetings in an interactive environment. These circles foster relationships between members and inspire members to grow as Women In Business members. The groups meet on the off weeks of General Meetings and there are approximately six throughout each semester. New members of WIB are required to sign up, but we are seeing an increasing amount of returning WIB members sign up as well. Our retention rate and our overall size have increased significantly since we implemented Lean in Circles.

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Lean-In Circles FAQS

What are Lean in Circles?

  • Lean In Circles are groups of 8-12 members that will meet biweekly. These meetings will include activities, events, and dynamic conversation! During these meetings, members and leaders can discuss personal, educational, and professional struggles and successes. Through sharing and discussing, members can learn from and empower each other to keep taking risks and believe in your abilities. The three key Circle Foundations from the Lean In nonprofit organization are Confidentiality, Communication, and Commitment.

Some lean-in circles may fall on a different day of the week. Please contact your lean-in circle leader for more information.

Some of the books we’re reading this semester:

What are the attendance requirements this semester?

  • If you sign up to be a part of a Lean In Circle, it will be your responsibility to go to each Circle. There are only six circles per semester. Excused absences include emergencies, illnesses, exams, other student org meetings, and sorority/fraternity events. I am asking you to PLEASE look at all of these calendars and try to make sure you will not miss any Circles. If you know now that you will be missing more than one Circle, we ask that you please ask to schedule a Circle at a different time or on a different day. We want you to be able to be a part of this program, but it’s unfair to you, your fellow Circle members, and your leader if you are constantly missing. If you are a first-time member, these Circles are required for you!
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