Last Day to Drop Semester-Length Classes is Mon., November 4

It’s past the halfway point of the semester, so take a moment to evaluate where you stand in fall courses. If you are not sure how you are doing, have a conversation with your professor or TA.

The deadline to drop is Monday, November 4.  If you are thinking about dropping a course, talk to an advisor now instead of waiting for the day of the deadline. You need time to make a good decision.

As you know, early registration appointments are happening now. If you are advised by the Undergrad Program Office, drop ins (10:30-11:30 M-F, and 2-3 on M) may be you best option to discuss a drop, unless you already have a scheduled appointment. During drop ins you see the advisor on duty, not necessarily you advisor.

Drops after the deadline are not possible unless there is an extenuating circumstance that can be documented that prevented you from dropping on time or has affected your performance throughout the semester.


Shari Piekarski

Piekarski, Shari L - Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Program Office, TCOB