Hawkeye Internship Grant for Summer 2021

If you want to defray the costs of completing an internship at a non-profit or in government this upcoming summer, don’t forget to apply for the Hawkeye Internship Grant. The deadline is approaching this Wednesday, April 14th.

Student Eligibility

  • Student must be a full-time, degree seeking undergraduate student at the UI for at least one semester prior to the experience and enrolled for the semester following the experience**
  • Student must have completed at least 75 credits before the start of the internship experience
  • Must have a UI GPA of 2.0 or above
  • Student must be in good academic and judicial standing (UI code of student life)
  • No outstanding tuition or fees

**Exceptions will be made for students participating in a required experience for graduation that has time restrictions (ex. Social Work practicums).

Internship Eligibility Requirements

  • Internship is unpaid or paid below minimum wage
  • Internship is located in the United States
  • Internship is at a non-profit or in government
  • 20-40 hours of work per week for 8-12 weeks
  • Supervised by a professional in the field
  • Internships via programs (ex. The Washington Center) are not eligible

Questions?  Contact Jennifer Noyce, Associate Director of Experiential Education, jennifer-noyce@uiowa.edu.

Nicholas Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh, Nicholas M - Asst. Director, Experiential Learning, UPO