Got an internship next semester? Don’t forget to register for BUS:3100 to satisfy Tippie RISE.

The Tippie business internship course (BUS:3100) helps you get more out of your internship experience through brief, guided activities you complete during your time as an intern. The course is intentionally designed to help you think more deeply about your internship and connect it to your academic interests and future career decisions. You must register for an internship course in order for it to count for Tippie RISE.

Enrollment & eligibility criteria
Internship position is clearly defined and related to your academics and/or professional goals
Job responsibilities are similar to those of entry level employees with a bachelor’s degree; tasks should require critical thinking and complex problem solving
Supervision is provided by a professional with expertise and a related educational or professional background
Internship must last for the majority of the academic term in which you are enrolled
You must work at the internship numerous days each week, full or part-time

Now what?
See the BUS:3100 page for more information and to complete the enrollment request form. Just like any other University course, you must register for BUS:3100 by the University academic deadlines.

Melissa Baker

Baker, Melissa L - Director, Tippie Student Engagement and Experience