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Welcome back!

Spring 2021 semester is finally here, and there is light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel. That said, it is further away than we would prefer and 2020 took a toll on each of us, in different ways. Our thoughts are with you as you prepare to move forward into this year, and we stand ready to help you throughout this semester.

As we kick off the semester today, I want to share a few reminders and changes from the fall semester:

Pat’s Diner is reopening. We want you to use the Pappajohn Business Building, and in that spirit, we are re-opening Pat’s Diner for limited day-time hours. The college is subsidizing operations so we encourage you to come by and grab a drink or snack in support. Don’t forget to tell Jeff you missed him.
Limited eating and drinking now allowed. You may recall that following a rash of mask non-compliance in November, we limited eating and drinking in the building. Now that we are all settled into healthier habits, drinking is allowed anywhere in the building, but please put your mask back on immediately after. As for eating, please refrain from eating in classrooms. When you are in the gallerias, BizHub, and other open air spaces, please feel free to eat but only if you are six feet away from others and, again, please replace your mask promptly. And, as a courtesy to others, please clean your area before you leave. Wipes remain available throughout the building.
Keep that mask on. We ask that you wear a mask at all times in the building, and keep your distance from others both in and out of the classroom. If you are not wearing an approved mask, you will be asked to leave not just Pappajohn but any university building. Keep in mind that any space in a university building, even a closed conference room, is considered a public space and you must keep your mask on.
Remember to wash hands often, get enough sleep, and stay home if you are sick. One of the most common reasons students struggle academically is illness. Stay healthy so you can keep up with your classes and work! We want you to succeed.
2020 was a difficult year, and 2021 unfortunately holds many of the same challenges. With the excitement of a new beginnings (a new semester and soon, a new art building) and community wins (basketball and wrestling come to mind, among other things), we can pull together to finish out this academic year safely and successfully.

If there is anything that we can do to support you, please reach out to me or to your academic advisor. Go Hawks, and Tippie community, let’s get down to business!


Kenneth G. Brown, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program
Ralph L. Sheets Professor of Management

Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa
C140 Pappajohn Business Building
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1994
319-335-0924 | tw: @kgbphd | in: /kgbphd

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