Black Excellence Week 2022

Join the Afro House, MISSE, and Black in Business Series for a week of events celebrating Black Excellence!

Full events list can at Black Excellence Week 2022:

  • Keepin’ It Real Game Night (9/6):
    • An Event meant to build relationships through common interests in games and for students to have fun and relax at the Afro House.
  • An All Black Affair (9/7):
    • An interactive talent show that promotes black voices.
  • Watch Me Grow (9/8):
    • Stop by the Afro House for some self care to end your week. Choose from creating a tea bundle from fresh herbs or taking home a small house plant for you to care for throughout the semester.
  • Welcome Black! (9/9):
    • A Kickback at the Afro House where students would be able to socialize and be in community with other Black Students, Staff, and Faculty

More information about MISSE, Afro House, and other cultural centers found here:

More information about the Black in Business Series found here:

Tevin Robbins

Robbins, Tevin S - Associate Director, Student Engagement