Got a question for Tippie’s embedded therapist? Zoom into Let’s Talk, Hawks!

Let’s Talk, Hawks! is a drop-in, one-on-one consultation service offered by UCS. At this time, you can speak individually (over Zoom) with Tippie’s embedded therapist, engage in problem-solving, learn about useful resources, or ask questions about counseling.

Tuesdays through Zoom
7:00-8:00 pm
Meeting ID: 850 294 424
Therapist: Kristin Wurster, Ph.D.

Please note, Let’s Talk, Hawks! consultations are:

  • First come, first serve – no appointments needed
  • Brief – up to 15 minutes
  • No information is collected and kept about you, and there is no paperwork to be completed
  • Not counseling or a crisis service


Coping in the Time of COVID-19

Well, this isn’t the semester anyone planned. View the recorded session of Associate Dean Ken Brown and Embedded Psychologist Kristin Wurster discussing tips for learning from home and maintaining your mental health, followed by a guided mindfulness exercise.


To view a specific portion:

Introduction: 0:00-2:16
Learning from home: 2:16-8:52
Maintaining mental health: 8:52-20:45
Mindfulness exercise: 20:45-30:35