Academic Advising is remote in the UPO. Here’s how it works.

While face-to-face instruction is suspended at the University of Iowa, the Undergraduate Program Office is advising students remotely, mainly by phone. The following processes are in place for the duration of this time:

Advising for Registration
If you must be authorized by your advisor to register for fall, please schedule an appointment with your advisor through MyUI as usual.

If you are not required to be authorized by your advisor but do want to talk with your advisor about your planning, please schedule an appointment with your advisor through MyUI as usual.

Prior to your meeting time, review your degree audit and have a draft plan of courses saved in Schedule Builder.

Please include your phone number in the Notes field when scheduling an appointment. If you do not include a phone number in that field, advisors will call the number listed on your student record. If you prefer a video meeting, please let your advisor know in advance so that arrangements can be made. While we will try to accommodate your preference, please note that not all advisors may have the ability to offer video conferencing.

Advising for Other Issues
If you have a question that is not connected to registration, you may either email or schedule an advising appointment, depending on the length of the query.

Please follow these guidelines for deciding whether to email or schedule an appointment:

– If the matter could reasonably be resolved in a drop-in meeting (5-10 minutes), please email your advisor.

– If the matter requires more time than this, please schedule an appointment with your advisor in MyUI.


Drop-In queries
If you are not advised in the Undergraduate Program Office and have an advising or admissions question, we are still happy to assist, as we would normally do during our drop-in hours.

Please complete the online Drop In Referral form to submit your query. It will be directed to the appropriate advisor who will be in touch with you shortly.


Jennifer Blair

Blair, Jennifer A - Assoc. Director, Advising & Registration, UPO