Physical Education

Listed below are publications and working papers about physical education.  The links for the published papers will direct you to the published abstracts on the journals’ websites and the full-text is available with a subscription (institutional or personal) to the journal.  The working papers are the versions of the paper prior to publication and are freely accessible by clicking on the link to the paper.

  1. Have States Reduced Obesity by Legislating More Physical Activity in Elementary School?” (with P.T. von Hippel), Milbank Quarterly, 2023.
    1. Replication files.
  2. The Impact of Physical Education on Obesity among Elementary School Children,” (with J. Cawley and C.Meyerhoefer), Journal of Health Economics, 2013, 32(4), 743-755.
    1. Research brief on Vox.
    2. WP Version: NBER Working Paper 18341.
    3. Data about states’ physical education requirements are directly available from the journal’s website.