Head Start Program

Listed below are publications and working papers about the Head Start program. The links for the published papers will direct you to the published abstracts on the journals’ websites and the full-text is available with a subscription (institutional or personal) to the journal. The working papers are the versions of the paper prior to publication and are freely accessible by clicking on the link to the paper.

  1. Expanding Exposure: Can Increasing the Daily Duration of Head Start Reduce Childhood Obesity?” (with J. Lumeng), Journal of Human Resources, 2011, 46(2), 373-402.
    1. Additional Appendices.
    2. WP Version: Emory University working paper 09-06.
    3. Research brief on the Scholars Strategy Network.
  2. Investing in Health: The Long-Term Impact of Head Start on Smoking” (with K. Anderson and J. Foster), Economic Inquiry, 2010, 48(3), 587-602.
  3. Changes in Body Mass Index Z Score Over the Course of the Academic Year among Children Attending Head Start” (with J. Lumeng and N. Kaciroti), Academic Pediatrics, 2010, 10(3), 179-186.
  4. “Head Start Participation and Childhood Obesity,” September 2011.
  5. Health Outcomes from Head Start Participation,” (with C. Felix), in Current Issues in Health Economics (Contributions to Economic Analysis), edited by Dan Slottje and Rusty Tchernis, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2010.
  6. “The Potential of Early Childhood Education as a Successful Obesity Intervention,” (with A. Giri) in Obesity Interventions in Underserved US Populations: Evidence and Directions, edited by Virginia Brennan, Shiriki Kumanyika, and Ruth Zambrana, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014.