Virtual International Consulting Projects this Winter- app deadline approaching

Virtual International Business and Consulting Projects in the Asia Pacific Region

Gain a deeper understanding of international business in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong through a virtual course and hands-on consulting project. In today’s business environment, it is essential to be able to adapt to working virtually. This experience will teach you how to work with an international client remotely while collaborating with a team to create real world business solutions for a company.

Program highlights:

  • Hands on experience with a global company- see project examples
  • Explore environmental factors that impact business in the fast-growing, dynamic region of the Asia Pacific
  • Learn about the socio-economic, technological, political, and legal factors impacting international trade in this region
  • 3 s.h. counts toward required Marketing major class OR International and Global Issues Gen Ed
  • Fulfill Tippie RISE
  • Scholarships available

Programs will not involve international travel in Winter 2020. They will be entirely virtual and are approved to count for Tippie RISE.

What are some benefits of a virtual global experience?

  • Interactive courses lead by instructors around the world
  • Develop professional skills that have become increasingly important, including how to work remotely, collaborating in virtual teams, practicing intercultural communication strategies, and optimizing programs such as Zoom or Slack
  • Network with global businesses through guest speakers and projects
  • Available at a lower price point than an in-person study abroad experience
  • Programs are not contingent on travel restrictions
  • Virtual global experiences are eligible for many study abroad scholarships

Applications now open, extended to Oct. 5, early apps encouraged

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What Tippie students are saying:

“Working with a start-up company based in Melbourne, Australia aimed at entering the U.S. Market by December of this year was an amazing experience.  Their product was an augmented reality mobile app.  Along with my team, I was able to establish relationships with our clients, identify their needs, perform primary and secondary research, and present our findings and recommendations.  It was a consolidated, intense 3 weeks of work and our clients expressed that our results exceeded their expectations.

This experience has taught me to be both patient and persistent when working with those from differing cultures and customs.  Style-flexing to clients doing business at a slightly slower pace and having more meaningful dialogue in our remote meetings to replace the relationship building that would have been done in person pre-COVID, helped to establish trust.  I most enjoyed designing a consumer survey to collect data on target consumer groups and interviewing experts for advice on market entry strategies.  Compiling a 30-page business deck to walk our client through our findings was rewarding.  Influencing a company’s trajectory made it one of the most relevant and applicable courses I’ve taken thus far.”

– Adam S.


“The course was the perfect combination of academics and hands-on marketing consultation work. The presentations were given by international business professionals from Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore to name a few. They discussed traditional business customs in their cultures, specific marketing strategies, and how the business world has been changing from their perspective. I had the opportunity to connect with a guest speakers from Australia that discussed conversion rate optimization. He has offered to mentor me and share international opportunities with me, which was never something I thought I would find over zoom.

I was also given the chance to work as a marketing consultant for an online memorial tribute service. The company is based out of Australia, but has customers from all over the globe. I focused on improving the user experience features and visual accessibility of the website. Throughout the project I was finally able to apply my marketing coursework to real life work. I can see how valuable my coursework is as I now have the firsthand knowledge to apply the concepts I’m learning at Tippie.”

– Brad H.

Stephanie Fountain

Fountain, Stephanie G - Asst. Director, Internat'l Internships & Edu., UPO