Tippie’s Winter Read!

Tippie is excited to launch a new winter break program: Tippie’s Winter Read!

Join together as we read a novel together in the month of January.  The book is Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. 

Sign up to participate individually or with your student organization!  If you sign up, we’ll send you discussion questions throughout the month of January!



Homegoing is a novel that will allow us to reflect on history, on family, and on the current Black Lives Matter movement. The book starts in the 1700s and is about the family lineage of two Ghanian sisters. One sister stays in Ghana while the other sister is sold into slavery. Each chapter of the book is about another generation of the family lines: we read about southern plantations, jazz-era Harlem, Ghanian colonization, and more. The book weaves together wisdom through these stories because the author, Gyasi, is in some ways writing part of her story as a Ghanian-American.

Homegoing tackles difficult topics — depicting racism, violence, and demeaning language. Yet, its power is in the truths that it tells through the stories. The books is about 300 pages and was published in 2016.  It has won endless awards and can be found at libraries, online, or at any book store.



Joelle Brown

Brown, Joelle M - Asst. Director, Global Community Engagement, UPO