This Week! Business Building Blocks: Intellectual Property

On Tuesday, September 26 from 5-6 PM, explore the hidden world of patents and trademarks. This workshop will feature a basic introduction to what a patents and trademarks are, the various types of patents in existence, and how to complete patents searches to begin the process. In addition to providing inventor exclusive rights to products, patents also give great detailed information on certain products and methods that can help you in the designing the development stages. Taught by Kari Kozak, Director, Lichtenberger Engineering Library.

Note: The presenter is not lawyer.  This session is for helping you learn the basics about intellectual property and search for patents and trademarks, legal advice will not be provided.

Meet at the Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory (BELL)!

Maddi Brenner

Brenner, Maddi - Business Outreach and Reference Librarian