Studying Abroad soon? How to check which courses are approved

When researching study abroad programs outside of Tippie, like CIEE or an IES semester, it is important that you pay attention to which classes have been approved by Tippie. There is a step by step guide of how to do this on the Tippie Global Website.

  1. Visit the Study Abroad search to identify a partner program
  2. After finding a program, visit MyUI Transfer Institution Search
  3. Select transfer institution/Study abroad program where credit will be granted. See your study abroad advisor if you need help identifying the institution
    • Examples: IES- Institution for International Educ of Students Barcelona , Barcelona SPAIN, CIEE Shanghai, Shanghai CHINA, Wells College
  4. Select the UI College – “Tippie College of Business”
  5. Select the curriculum area of courses you would like returned- “All evaluated courses”
  6. Leave transfer department and course blank
  7. Results will show courses all that have been approved for transfer and the equivalency. Your advisor will indicate approval on your Credit Approval Form from the Study Abroad Office.
  8. If you do not see your institution, program, or class, you will need to request a course evaluation


Stephanie Fountain

Fountain, Stephanie G - Asst. Director, Internat'l Internships & Edu., UPO