Register for a Career Course

Are you exploring majors and careers?  Might as well get credit for it and learn how to make a plan that involves what’s best for you and your future!

Register for one of the below courses before January 2nd! Both in-person and online options available.


Major and Career Explorations
Jan 18 – Mar 5, 2023
2:30 – 4:20P Wednesdays
C139 PC


Major and Career Explorations
Jan 17 – Mar 5, 2023
Arranged Time Asynchronous Online


We also have sections that start in the second half of the semester. Please search for CCP:1300 on MyUI for more information. 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students who would like to enroll should email Lisa McKirgan at to request special permission.


Learn more about Career Courses: 


Don’t want to take a course? Make an appointment with a Career Coach to help you explore and decide.




Interested in building your leadership skills and knowledge? Be sure to check out the following course offerings for spring 2023:

LS:1020 Intro to Leadership

LS:2002 Career Leadership Academy Pt 1 *in-person and online options available

LS:2020 Women in Leadership


All of the leadership courses listed above also count toward the Certificate in Leadership Studies – check it out!

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