Prereqs are checked – be prepared before you register!

What does this mean?

You will be blocked from adding a course or joining a waitlist if a course’s prerequisites are not completed or are not in progress.
You must earn the required grade in the prerequisite (usually a passing grade) or you will be removed from the course after UI grades are posted.
How can I see if I meet the prerequisites for the courses I want to take next semester?

You can easily check this in MyUI:

  • Login to MyUI
  • Go to Courses/Registration
  • Search for a course you’d like to take next semester.
  • Click into any section of that course.
  • In the “Prerequisites” field in the course description, you’ll be told whether or not you meet the prerequisite.

What if I’m taking a prerequisite at another school?

If you are taking a prerequisite course elsewhere, then you need to submit evidence of that through MyUI:

MyUI » Student Information » Courses and Grades » Request Prerequisite Special Permission

After completing the form at that link, we will review your evidence of enrollment.  If your course is equivalent to the UI prerequisite, then you will be given conditional permission to enroll in that course.  You’ll be able to register for the course at your registration time.

Once that course is finished, you then need to submit evidence of your final grade, again through MyUI.  You will receive correspondence from the Registrar’s Office with instruction on how to do this.

The Tippie website includes an FAQ page about prerequisites, and so if you’d like further information, please visit that page, or reach out to your advisor.

Danielle Dion

Dion, Danielle A - Assoc Director, Pre-Business Success Initiatives