November is all about gaining experience!

An internship is your opportunity to:

  • Test-drive a potential occupation
  • Develop professional connections
  • Gain related career experience and skills
  • Apply classroom knowledge in the real world
  • Strengthen your resume for full-time employment or graduate school

Internships can be found throughout the year – fall, spring, and summer all provide internship possibilities! More and more employers are also listing remote internships which could be a perfect fit, especially during the school year.

Also remember that an experience doesn’t have to be labeled an “internship” for it to have value – lab and research student jobs, field work, course practicums, and campus employment connected to your career interests are all meaningful and rewarding experiences that provide similar benefits to an internship.


Don’t know where to start? Meet with an Engagement Advisor

An engagement advisor can help you explore and develop your interests. During your scheduled appointment you will focus on your path as a Hawkeye and create an action plan to achieve your goals. You can see an overview of the process below.

Get Started at:

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Dana Dominguez

Dominguez, Dana M - Director, Operations and Marketing