Need a General Education or Nonbusiness Elective over Winter Break?

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is offering a number of interesting courses over winter.  Check out the offerings on MyUI:

SPAN:2050 Spanish in the United States (GE: D&I)

PSY:2401  Intro to Developmental Psych (GE: SS)

ENGL:1200  Int of Lit (GE: Int of Lit)

ASTR:1085 Citizen Astronomy (GE: NS without lab)

SRM:1045 Diversity/Inclusion in Health Living (GE: D&I)

HHP:2200 Physical Activity and Health (GE: V&C)

CRM:1410 Intro to Criminology (GE: D&I or SS)

MATH:2550 Engineering Math II: Matrix Algebra

SSW:3729 Substance Use and Abuse

AMST/SPST:1074 Inequality in American Sport (GE: D&I)


Danielle Dion

Dion, Danielle A - Assoc Director, Pre-Business Success Initiatives