BAIS:3000 and BAIS:3005 format updates

The business core is introducing a new format to BAIS:3000 Operations Management and BAIS:3005 Information Systems that becomes effective Fall 2020. The courses will change from 3 s.h. to 2 s.h., and each be offered off-cycle for 8 weeks each.

We know that changes in the curriculum bring up many questions. To help address those, please use our Frequently Asked Questions resource. Included are answers to questions like:

  • Why is this change happening?
  • How are the courses different?
  • What if I have already taken one or both?
  • What about the Second-Grade-Only option?

If you have already completed the courses or are currently enrolled in one/both, you have met the requirement for the course. We advise that you continue your enrollment to follow your academic plan and do not make changes to your registration based on this curriculum update. Changing your registration can significantly affect your course sequencing and has the potential to impact your graduation timeline. We advise to continue your enrollment. If you have concerns about this, please contact your academic advisor before making a change.




Stephanie Fountain

Fountain, Stephanie G - Asst. Director, Internat'l Internships & Edu., UPO