Looking for Statistics and Information? Try Statista!

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Where to find it: You can find it on the Business library web site’s alphabetical list of databases.

Use it to find:

Statistics – Includes data on: companies, countries, products, demographics, advertising, etc.
Industry reports -A variety of industries, including popular categories such as: Sports & Recreation, Consumer Goods and FMCG, Media & Advertising, Technology & Telecommunications, and Internet
Dossiers (collections on a specific topic) – On about 80,000 popular topics. Provided in PowerPoint format
Infographics – new Infographics released daily

Tips for searching – Use the search box to do a keyword search
Within a search use the left sidebar to limit your search to Statistics, Studies, Dossiers & Industry-Reports, Topics, or Infographics.

Statista is really fun to browse as it is so visual.

Mouse over the drop down menus “Our Services”, “Markets & Topics”, and “Infographics” to further explore this database.

Want help using Statista? Contact the Business Librarians, Willow, Kim, or Maddi, and set up an appointment.

Willow Fuchs

Fuchs, Willow - Business Reference & Instruction Librarian