Hey, where did the ATM go, and why are there phone booths in Tippie?

ATM Machine

The ATM machine that was previously on the first-floor landing of the stairwell to the parking garage and W10 has been removed.  Our contract for the machine was at its end and to continue to maintain a machine in Pappajohn was going to require a significant fee per year. With the number of transactions at fewer than four per working day, the college simply could not justify keeping the machine. Fortunately, there are many machines available within a few blocks of Pappajohn for those who need them.


Tippie and the University Libraries recently installed three phone-office booths, known as Hushbooths, for students needing a quiet space to take a call or interview. One is located inside the Business Library next to the Sales Lab, and two are right outside the BizHub near the Professional Headshot Booth on the third floor above the south atrium. Students can use the booths to take virtual meetings and phone interviews without leaving Pappajohn. The near-soundproof booths feature a seat, desk, and power outlets, with the two in the south lobby offering adjustable lighting for the perfect Zoom meeting. At this time, students do not need a reservation to use the booths and can use the spaces whenever they are empty. To maximize the availability, we ask that individuals limit their use to strictly virtual meetings and phone interviews.

Danielle Dion

Dion, Danielle A - Assoc Director, Pre-Business Success Initiatives