Help with End of the Semester Stressors

As Spring Semester nears the end you may be feeling extra stressor or pressures building. University Counseling Services (UCS) has many self-help resources, psychoeducational programming and support groups available.

Wellness Workshop with Kati Schneider

These workshops are designed to guide you in self-reflecting on strengths, weaknesses and barriers, then we’ll discuss skills that you can apply based on insight you have developed. What works for one person doesn’t work for everyone, these workshops will lead you in deciding what works best for you.  These workshops are available to all business major students.

Held in C106 PBB at 3:00-3:30 pm

Sleep Hygiene (April 18th)-when busy schedules dominate, sleep can be the first area to be cut short. Sleep has many benefits to physical and mental health. Once bad habits are formed it can be hard to break them.  In this workshop you’ll gain strategies to improve your sleep to benefit other areas.

Stress Management (May 2nd)-stress is everywhere, low to moderate levels of stress can be helpful and motivating. When stress becomes persistent and long term chronic symptoms can begin. While stress can be helpful, having skills to manage is important.

Mindfulness Matters with Heidi Schmitt

Description: Mindfulness is purposefully paying attention, non-judgmentally to the present moment. The practice of mindfulness can lead to an increased sense of balance, stress management and overall well-being in your life. Mindfulness Matters is now available both virtually and in-person!

Day/time: Thursdays | 1:30 – 2:00 PM-Ends May 5th

Join on Zoom:

Join In Person: Campus Recreation And Wellness Center. Room AR3

The Energy Hub is for UI students who are experiencing difficulties adjusting to a pandemic or would like help to improve their daily functioning. Each 30-minute workshop features one of the following topics: time management, procrastination, and motivation, test anxiety. Programs are not sequenced. Students can attend all sessions or drop in for as many as they would like.

Topic schedule:  11:30 am – noon

Procrastination-April 21st
Motivation-April 28th
Test Anxiety I (before a test)-May 5th
Test Anxiety II (during a test) May 12th

How to Join: Sign up here for Zoom link.

Distress Tolerance is a three-week skills-based workshop focused on learning distress tolerance skills. Distress tolerance is the ability to manage distressing emotions and effectively move through stressful situations in an effective manner. Contact facilitator to get information on joining

When:       4/26, 5/03, & 5/10 from 1-2 pm on zoom with Dr. Holly Nicely 

When:        4/21, 4/28, & 5/5 from 4:00-5:00pm on zoom with Heidi Schmitt, LISW 

Support Groups  Majority of the groups end the week of May 2nd.


Additional Resources 

Tippie Embedded Mental Health Therapist: Kati Schneider,

Contact University Counseling Services to schedule same day emergency appointment, 319-335-7294



Kati Schneider

Schneider, Kati M - Embedded Staff Therapist, UCS, College of Business