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CCP:1300 Major and Career Explorations – 1 s.h.

This course helps students identify their interests, skills, and values relative to majors and careers through self-assessment, informational interviews, and research on majors and careers.


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The Career Leadership Academy is a 2-semester academic program that teaches students how to be successful at Iowa and beyond!

Career Leadership Academy Part 1: Leadership in Practice

MyUI Course Name: LS:2002
Fulfills requirements for the Enterprise Leadership major, the Bachelor of Liberal Studies program and the Certificate in Leadership Studies.

The purpose of this course is to increase students’ understanding of themselves and others. By pairing leadership theory with career preparation, students will develop leadership competencies and an understanding of group development.  Interaction with employers and community professionals is woven into the curriculum, including a panel discussion and professional feedback on presentation skills.  Other topics include CliftonStrengths, the Relational Leadership Model, and ethics in leadership.  Students will develop a resume, complete an informational interview, and prepare a group presentation.

Career Leadership Academy Part 2: Leadership in Action

MyUI Course Name:  LS:3002
Fulfills requirements for the Certificate in Leadership Studies, the Enterprise Leadership Major, and the Tippie College of Business’s Research, Internship, Study Abroad and Experiential Learning graduation requirement.

The purpose of this course is to increase students’ understanding of how to interact and work with others as effective team members and engaged citizens.  CLA Part 2 builds on CLA Part 1 by applying knowledge of leadership theory to a job search process.  Students engage in a service project as an opportunity to learn about social change while developing leadership competencies through hands-on group work.  Highlighted topics include the Social Change Model, interviewing and networking.

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Career Center Courses for Credit

CCP:1201 Academic Internship (1-3 s.h.)

CCP:1300 Major and Career Explorations (1 s.h.)

CCP:1301 Communication for the Workplace (1 s.h.)

CCP:1302 Office Etiquette for the Workplace (1 s.h.)

CCP:1303 Successful Teamwork for the Workplace (1 s.h.)

CCP:1306 UI STEP: Student to Employed Professional (2 s.h.)

CCP:2004 Internships: Search, Secure, and Succeed (1 s.h.)

CCP:3102 Job Search Essentials (1-3 s.h.)

CCP:3103 MoneyWise (1-2 s.h.)

CCP:3104 Defining Your Career Path (2 s.h.)

CCP:3105 Transitioning from Campus to the Workplace (1 s.h.)

CCP:3106 Career Computing Skills (2 s.h.)

CCP:3107 Social Media for Your Job Search (1 s.h.)

CCP:3203 Investment Wise: Personal Investment Basics (2 s.h.)

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