Accessibility Message

As a college we value an equitable and inclusive environment for all. Toward that end, the Tippie DEI Steering Committee recently took steps to ensure that the Pappajohn Business Building is accessible as possible. Previously the entrance on Market St. (entrance 20) was not accessible to the mobility impaired, particularly those in wheelchairs. Over winter break, this was rectified. In addition, work is ongoing to upgrade entrance 12, the entrance off the Cleary Walkway into W10. The push button for this door will go from a button the size of a quarter to one that is three foot long. The new button will be significantly easier to operate.


Tippie’s DEI Steering Committee is interested in identifying additional projects that will help improve accessibility in Pappajohn. They have already identified that no bathroom in Pappajohn has push-button entry. We have already begun exploring how we can make a push button a reality. If you other accessibility concerns, please contact Rick Adrian (, Tippie’s Director of Facilities.


Finally, the University of Iowa first designated a gender-neutral bathroom in 2013. As the 10th anniversary of that milestone approaches, I’d like to take the opportunity to remind you all that the Pappajohn Business Building has a gender-inclusive restroom, located in the computer lab: C220A. You can find a campus map of gender-inclusive restrooms here. These bathrooms are available whenever Tippie’s Instructional Technology Center is open. This spring, the hours are Monday–Thursday 7:30am–10pm, Friday 7:30am–6pm, and Sunday noon­–10pm.

Danielle Dion

Dion, Danielle A - Assoc Director, Pre-Business Success Initiatives