A Marketing Elective This Winter Session–International Sports Marketing

MKTG:4000 Contemporary Topics in Marketing (3 s.h.)
International Sports Marketing December 28, 2020 – January 22, 2021.

This class counts as a 3-credit marketing elective. Topics covered include (1) the marketing of sports and how it differs from the marketing of products, (2) sponsorships: how firms are using sports relationships to build their brands and (3) digitalization and how it affects the marketing of sports.

Class format Is online with a blend of asynchronous prerecorded lectures and synchronous Zoom sessions for guest speakers, team application exercises and case discussions. A final team project will evaluate the current marketing of an international sports organization or team and make recommendations about moving forward. Prerequisite: MKTG:3000 Intro to MKTG Strategy or Consent of Instructor

Shari Piekarski

Piekarski, Shari L - Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Program Office, TCOB