Python Coding for Data Analytics

August 30, 2017 Lauren Fidler 0 Comments

This academic year, there will be courses on Python for students that are interested in learning how to use Python to code for data analytics.


WHAT:  Introduction to Python Data Analytics

This introductory one-day training will cover the basic elements in Python data analytics along with hands-on practice. The topics to be covered include a brief introduction to data analytics and Python, and how to do data analysis with Python such as Python basics and data preparation/exploration/visualization using widely used data analytics libraries in Python. Participants will also be able to learn how to take advantage of a highly interactive web-based data analytics environment of Jupyter Notebook for their own data analysis. No prior experience with Python is necessary for this course.

WHEN:  Saturday, Nov. 11th, 9am – 3pm (w/a 1 hour lunch)


WHO:  Dr. Kang Lee

RSVP:  YES!  Please follow this link to register for this session:


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