About Us

Tippie Technology & Innovation Association

Tippie Tech: Integrity, Innovation, Impact

Tippie Technology & Innovation Association is the*only* tech-business analytics organization in the Tippie College of Business!

Our aim is to provide students with opportunities to build their network and resume by offering analytics-focused company presentations, case competitions, career fairs, workshops, and networking opportunities. We are student-led and advised by BAIS Faculty within Tippie. Tippie Tech is open to any majors that are interested in learning more about the growing fields of analytics and technology.*

All announcements are shared through our Instagram and emailing list!

Member Meetings: Most Mondays at 6 pm and occasional Thursdays at 6 pm

Questions? Email our President, Sneh Patel, at sneh-patel@uiowa.edu or Vice President of Technology, Brady Hunter, at brady-hunter@uiowa.edu

* New members accepted throughout the semester and dues starting at $25/semester or $45/full-year

* New LinkedIn sharing membership posts and creating a network for members to remain in contact.

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