Executive Board Applications 2018-2019

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Did you know that as a business major, you will encounter and work with information technology, no matter what job you choose?

Are you looking for leadership experience within Tippie? Do you want to learn more about technology in the workplace and make valuable connections with future employers?

Consider applying for the Tippie Tech Executive Board! Tippie Tech is a club for BAIS majors and anyone who is interested in how technology impacts the modern business world. Applications for the 2018-2019 Executive Board are now open, and you do not already need to be a member of Tippie Tech to apply. We are looking for motivated students who enjoy professional development and meeting new people. Please see the details of each position below.


To apply, submit:

1. A copy of your resume

2. Additional application materials—these can be found in the ‘With Your Application’ section of the position description


Please submit your resume and completed application materials via email to Emma Keefe (emma-keefe@uiowa.edu) and CC Ashley Arkfeld (ashley-arkfeld@uiowa.edu). Applications are due on Friday, March 9th at 5 p.m. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Interviews will be held the week of March 19th, which is the week immediately following spring break. We look forward to hearing from you!


Vice President

Goal: To assist the President with revising and preparing agendas for general and executive board meetings

Details of Position:

  • To assist the President and other executive board members as needed
  • To create member calendar and post updates as the semester progresses
  • To contribute to the annual year end TCOB assessment of our organization

With your application: List a few ideas about ways to organize before meetings and enhance communication with the President/other exec board members.


VP of Events

Goal: To provide Tippie Tech members with social events to engage in new friendships and build a stronger relationship amongst all members.

Details of Position:

  • Plan new member social at the beginning of each semester
  • Coordinate study groups to meet throughout the semester
  • Coordinate the Tippie Tech Career Fair in the Fall
  • Partner with Vice President of Fundraising to have social events with fundraisers at local restaurants

With your application: Submit a plan with examples of events you would hold throughout the Fall 2018 semester.


VP of External Relations

Goal: Provide opportunities for members to build connections with organizations, events, and individuals outside of Tippie Tech in order to facilitate and maximize professional growth.

Details of Position:

  • Create and maintain Tippie Tech alumni database to be utilized by the organization and its members
  • Establish and maintain corporate sponsors
  • Serve as the liaison between Tippie Tech and the Tippie Analytics Cooperative

With your application: Explain how you would go about reaching out to corporations, as well as examples of events you would hold with each corporation throughout the Fall 2018 semester.


VP of Finance

Goal: Manage all expenses within Tippie Tech in a cost-effective way while still proportioning funds for new and innovative ideas

Details of Position:

  • Process membership applications and apparel forms each semester
  • Handle all expenses from food for general meetings to professional trip costs
  • Maintain a detailed budget throughout the year
  • Apply for funding each year using previous treasury budgets
  • Interface with executive members to ensure proper communication and proportioning of funds

With your application: Submit an example budget showing how you would allocate $1000 throughout the Fall 2018 semester. Some cash flows to consider when creating the budget are membership dues, t-shirt costs, food for meetings, a local professional trip, and fundraising events.


VP of Fundraising

Goal: Provide fundraising opportunities for member to give back to Tippie Tech in helping to raise approximately $1000 for the semester.

Details of Position:

  • Plan 4-5 events for the semester with 1 to 2 events per month
  • Raise funding in order to keep costs lower for members
  • Create an event that involves multiple executive positions, such as a social event and mentoring event to encourage increased participation.
  • Promote an event that allows members to bring guests that will introduce them to Tippie Tech

With your application: Tell us your most creative idea of how to increase fundraising revenue for the organization! List example events you would hold to fundraise and how you would go about coordinating them.

VP of Marketing

Goal: To promote Tippie Tech and engage its members by marketing events.

Details of Position:

  • Plan and execute a successful Recruitment of new members at the beginning of each semester
  • Plan apparel

With your application: Submit a marketing strategy for the 2018-2019 school year including how you would recruit members, utilize our social media, and market our organization’s events within the Tippie College of Business. Be creative!


VP of Professionalism

Goal: Plan and coordinate a professional trip to a Midwest City for about 40+ Tippie Tech members in order to improve members’ professional development and enhance their network.  

Details of Position:

  • Contact hotel and charter bus company as soon as dates for professional trip are set
  • Plan 2 small professional trips (1 trip per semester) in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area

With your application: Submit a trip plan: Where would we go? What benefits are there for members? What are the logistics- how will we get there? What is an optimal date? How will you reach out to the company?


VP of Technology

Goal: Help executive board streamline processes and help members stay informed on upcoming Tippie Tech events

Details of Position:

  • Keep website updated with current events and information as well as applications
  • Document event and meeting points via ICON
  • Update ICON with upcoming events and member/exec board information

With your application: List some examples of how you stay organized: this position requires you to stay on top of things and we are looking for someone who can make consistent updates to both ICON and the website.

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