In a business environment that is increasingly immersed in technology, professionals with knowledge and skills to accomplish business needs using technology are vital to a company’s success.

Tippie Tech is an association created to facilitate the growth and awareness in the area of information technology. Students in Computer Science, Informatics, and Business Analytics Information Systems (BAIS) will benefit from Tippie Tech’s networking events, skill development, and professional development opportunities.


  • Tippie Tech invites companies for networking
  • Professional networking groups (CrIneta,380PASS, etc.)
  • Meeting other students interested in technology

Career Development

  • Mock interviews with IT companies
  • Job boards
  • Career Fair
  • Professional Trip

Skills Training

  • Professionals present on current hot topics not learned in classes
  • Hands on training using current technologies
  • Put your skills to use in a friendly competition
  • Professional resources for continue development
  • University of Iowa Undergraduate Business Analytics Competition


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