This year we are offering facilitated self-assistance for your tax returns.  This means you prepare your return using IRS VITA software and we help you with any questions you have.

  • You can e-file your federal and state income tax returns for free.
  • Assistance sessions are held in March 2023. You will make an appointment to attend these sessions. Email to receive more information about these workshops.
  • If you believe you don’t need assistance, you can complete your return and file it on your own – you do not need to attend the sessions.

Treaties and residency rules can make international student and scholar tax returns confusing.  You are responsible for following the U.S. income tax rules correctly.  If any of the following situations apply to you, assistance may be especially valuable to you.

  • You are filing your first tax return.
  • You do not know the rules for determining your residency for tax purposes.
  • You do not understand whether you are covered by a tax treaty or how your tax treaty works.
  • You are covered by a tax treaty, but did not file tax treaty paperwork with the University of Iowa Payroll Office.
  • You received a 1042-S form and do not understand what it means.
  • You received a 1042-S form which reports federal taxes withheld.
  • This is the first year you are a U.S. resident for tax purposes.

The link to our VITA software is:

Other resources that you may find helpful: