From February through April 2022, we will use mostly contact-less alternatives to our normal face-to-face meetings with taxpayers.  So that everyone can access our VITA program, we offer two methods:

  • No-contact (100% virtual)
  • Low contact (drop-off)

The methods differ in the way you get information to us.  The two methods use the same processes for contacting you and preparing, reviewing, and filing returns.

No-contact (100% virtual)

The non-contact (100% virtual) method requires no in-person contact with VITA volunteers.

  • We email fillable Intake forms to you
  • You complete these forms by typing information into the forms’ input boxes
  • You upload the completed forms and your tax documents to our secure server
  • We check your photo ID and social security cards by
    • Examining copies that you upload to our secure server
    • Or, if you prefer, scheduling a Zoom session

View detailed information about completing your forms for drop-off.

Low Contact (drop-off)

The low contact (drop-off) method requires limited in-person contact with VITA volunteer while you deliver documents

  • We send Intake forms to you by U.S. mail
  • You complete these forms using a blue or black pen
  • You place the completed forms and all other tax documents in an envelope we supply
  • You take the envelope to one of our pre-scheduled drop off times
    • These sites are drive-through lanes similar to drive-through banking
    • There are several drop-off times and locations each week
  • During drop-off, a VITA volunteer accepts your envelope, checks your photo ID, and examines social security cards
    • You must wear a mask covering your mouth and nose when using our drop-off sites
    • If you don’t have a mask, we will provide one
    • Our volunteers at the drop-off sites will be wearing masks, too

View detailed information about completing your forms for drop-off.

Location and times for drop-off will be published soon.

Return Preparation, Quality Review, and Filing

Your returns will be prepared in our offices without your being present.  During the preparation process, a volunteer will contact you by email or phone if they have additional questions.  After your return is prepared we will give you a copy of your return and review the return with you.  We will make any changes necessary and re-review the return with you.  After you approve the return for e-filing, we will e-file the return. If the return cannot be e-filed, we will provide you with copies of your return, and mailing instructions.