We have reached capacity and are no longer accepting new requests.

If you previously contacted us or completed our VITA request form:
Yes, we are helping you.

We ask for your patience while we work through all the requests we have received. We are preparing returns in the order we received them. We prepare each return with care and diligence – this takes much longer in a virtual setting.

The IRS and Iowa each extended their filing deadline. The new deadlines are:

Federal: May 17, 2021
Iowa: June 1, 2021

If you have not previously contacted us:
We are not able to help you before the extended filing deadlines. Information about other alternatives is available at the IRS website.

From February through April 2021, we will use a mostly contact-less alternatives to our normal face-to-face meetings with taxpayers.  So that everyone can access our VITA program, we offer two methods:

  • 100% Virtual, and
  • Hybrid

The methods differ in the way you get information to us.  The two methods use the same processes for contacting you and preparing, reviewing, and filing returns.

100% Virtual

The 100% virtual method requires no in-person contact with VITA volunteers.

  • We email fillable Intake forms to you
  • You complete these forms by typing information into the forms’ input boxes
  • You upload the completed forms and your tax documents to our secure server
  • We check your photo ID and social security cards by
    • Examining copies that you upload to our secure server
    • Or, if you prefer, scheduling a Zoom session

View detailed information about completing your forms for drop-off.


The hybrid method requires limited in-person contact with VITA volunteer while you deliver documents

  • We send Intake forms to you by U.S. mail
  • You complete these forms using a blue or black pen
  • You place the completed forms and all other tax documents in an envelope we supply
  • You take the envelope to one of our pre-scheduled drop off times
    • These sites are drive-through lanes similar to drive-through banking
    • There are several drop-off times and locations each week
  • During drop-off, a VITA volunteer accepts your envelope, checks your photo ID, and examines social security cards
    • You must wear a mask covering your mouth and nose when using our drop-off sites
    • If you don’t have a mask, we will provide one
    • Our volunteers at the drop-off sites will be wearing masks, too

View detailed information about completing your forms for drop-off.

View locations and times for drop-off

Return Preparation, Quality Review, and Filing

Your returns will be prepared in our offices without your being present.  During the preparation process, a volunteer will contact you by email or phone if they have additional questions.  After your return is prepared we will give you a copy of your return and review the return with you.  We will make any changes necessary and re-review the return with you.  After you approve the return for e-filing, we will e-file the return. If the return cannot be e-filed, we will provide you with copies of your return, and mailing instructions.