INFORMS Annual Meeting 2019

Seattle, Washington

October 20-23, 2019


Washington State Convention Center

705 Pike Street

Seattle, WA 98101


Pre-Meeting Events: Saturday, October 19

University of Iowa Student Sessions
9-10:20 AM Speaker: Yichen Ding

INFORMS Data Science Workshop: Session 1A

Location: Room Redwood A at Grand Sheraton Seattle Hotel

10:40-12 PM

Speaker: Hassan Rafique

INFORMS Data Science Workshop: Session 2B

Location: Room Redwood B at Grand Sheraton Seattle Hotel

Sunday, October 20

University of Iowa Student Sessions
8:00-8:20 AM

(1 of 4)

Speaker: Jafar Namdar

Title: Modeling and Analysis of Cascading Disruptions in Chain Network: A Cascading Simulation Model

Session: SA09 – Analytics and Optimization Approaches in Production and Service

Location: CC- Room 212

8:20-8:40 AM

(2 of 4)

Speaker: Sadjad Anzabi Zadeh

Title: Optimal Warfarin Dosing Using Reinforcement Learning

Session: SA04 – Sequential Decision Making in Healthcare

Speaker Location: CC- Room 204

11-11:15 AM

(1 of 4)

Speaker: Michael Redmond

Title: Using Analytics to Assess Travel Reliability in Public Transportation Networks

Session: SB49 – Joint Session TSL/Urb/Practice Curated: Data Analytics in Transportation Operations

Location: CC- Room 618

 Other Events
7-8 AM New Member Breakfast (Invite only)

Location: Sheraton – Grand Ballroom D, 2nd Floor

9:50-10:50 AM Speaker: Gary Kaplan, Virginia Mason Health System

Plenary: Seeking Perfection: Reflections on the Journey

Location: CC – 6E, Level 6

11-12:30 PM Speaker: Warren Powell

SB38 – Special Session: A unified Framework for Optimization under Uncertainty

Location: CC – Room 607

12-5 PM Career Fair

Location: Exhibit Hall

7:30-9 PM Welcome Reception

Location: Convention Center – Exhibit Hall 4AB, Level 4

8:30-9:45 PM INFORMS Award Ceremony & Reception

Location: Convention Center – 6E, Level 6

Monday, October 21

University of Iowa Student Sessions
8:20-8:40 AM

(2 of 4)

Speaker: Sara Reed (Session Chair)

Title: Last Mile Delivery using Autonomous Vehicles

Session: MA48 – Innovations in Urban Delivery

Location: 48-CC- Room 617

9-9:15 AM

(5 of 5)

Speaker: Vahid Eghbal Akhlaghi

Title: Fuel Distribution Planning For Islands

Session: MA25 – Disaster Preparedness and Response through Optimization

Location: CC- Room 401

11:15-11:30 AM

(2 of 5)

Speaker: Iurii Bakach

Title: Package Deliveries with Autonomous Robots

Session: MB48 – Innovative Last-Mile Delivery Concepts

Location: CC-Room 617

1:30-1:50 PM

(1 of 4)

Speaker: Hassan Rafique

Title: Oracle Complexity of a Trust Region Method for Non-Convex Min-Max Problem

Session: MC45 – First-order methods for saddle point problems

Location: CC- Room 614

4:30-6 PM Speakers: Vahid Eghbal Akhlaghi, Xinwei Chen, and Sara Reed

TSL PhD Elevator Pitch Session

Location:CC-6E Lobby

Other Events
10-10:50 AM Speaker: Robert Vanderbei, Princeton University

Plenary: The Parametric Self-Dual Simplex Method — A Modern Perspective

Omega Rho Distinguished Lecture

Location: CC – 6E, Level 6

6:30-7:30 PM Transportation Science and Logistics (TSL) Meeting

Location: CC – 616, Level 6

7:45 PM Iowa Alumni Reception by the Department of Business Analytics

Location: VON’S 1000SPIRITS 1225 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98101

Tuesday, October 22

University of Iowa Student Sessions
2-2:15 PM

(1 of 5)

Speaker: John Rios (Session Chair)

Title: Predicting Stock Price Movements Via Multi-relational Inter-firm Networks

Session: TD09 – Network Analytics and Predictive Models

Location: CC-Room 212

4:55-5:15 PM

(2 of 4)

Speaker: Xiangyu Wang

Title: Predicting User Activities in Online Health Communities Via Trajectory Mining

Session: TE08 – AI Techniques for Decision Support

Location: CC- Room 211

4:35-4:55 PM

(1 of 4)

Speaker: Sulyun Lee

Title: Link Predictions For Social Networks in Online Health Communities

Session: TE02 – Learning and Optimization in Social Media

Location: CC- Room 202

Other Events
9:30-10:20 AM Speaker: Russell Allgor, Amazon

Plenary: Planning Transportation Capacity at Amazon

Location: CC – 6E, Level 6

6-7:15 PM INFORMS Member Meeting

Location: Sheraton – Grand Ballroom A, 2nd Floor

7:30-10 PM General Reception

Location: Convention Center – 4E, Level 4

Wednesday, October 23

University of Iowa Student Sessions
8:30-8:45 AM

(3 of 5)

Speaker: Xinwei Chen

Title: Deep Q-learning For Same-day Delivery With a Heterogeneous Fleet of Vehicles and Drones

Session: WA48 – Joint session TSL/OPT.under Uncertainty: ADP/Reinforcement Learning in Vehicle Routing II

Location: CC-Room 617

8-8:20 AM

(1 of 4)

Speaker: Venous Roshdibenam

Title: Clinical Gait and Balance Screening for the Risk Assessment of Falls in Elderly Population Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques

Session: WA07 – Data Visualization Tools in Decision Making and Data Mining

Location: CC-Room 210

Additional INFORMS Events

Career Fair Information
Technology Tutorials


Advice from previous attendees 

  • Take breaks and find a quiet place away from the crowds that you can decompress and get work done if needed.
  • Try to go to many sessions on talks in your area.
  • Many sessions will have speakers cancel, so if you are planning to split up sessions between rooms keep that in mind.
  • Try to talk to people before and after sessions about their talks.