Executive Board


Vincent Damato

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Finance

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2023

Hometown: Slinger, WI

On joining FMA “Financial Management Association is a great opportunity to strengthen your financial literacy and open many new doors. This organization goes above and beyond when it comes to reputable speakers, professional workshops, and many other tools to better yourself.”

Vice President

Grant Williams



Jerome Mays

Grade: Sophomore

Major(s): Finance & Economics

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2023

Hometown: Wilton, IA

On Joining FMA: “I joined FMA to learn more about possible career paths involved with finance and to create connections with other students and professionals. Interaction with guest speakers has provided me insights that have made me more prepared for internships and eventually a full-time job.”

Vice President of Professional Development

Name: Lauryn vaske
Majors: Finance & Business Analytics
Minor: Spanish
Graduation: May 2023
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA

Joining FMA: I joined FMA to gain exposure to different sectors of the financial field and to be able to explore different career paths by hearing from professionals.

Vice President of Technology

Glei Hoxhalli

Grade: Junior

Major(s): Finance & Business Analytics

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2022

Hometown: Indianola, Iowa

On joining FMA: “I wanted to expand my knowledge of the careers available in the finance industry while getting to know, and work with, like-minded people “

Vice President of Recruitment

Name: Mitchell Arvidson

Hometown: Eagan, MN

Year: Sophomore

Expected Graduation Date: Dec. 2022

Major: Finance

On Joining FMA: “I joined FMA so I could gain valuable insights into the world of finance and explore career paths with like-minded business students.”

Recruitment Chair

Name: Elijah Dail
Grade: Freshman
Major: Finance
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2024
Hometown: Oswego, IL
“I joined FMA to gain a better understanding of the financial industry and the different careers available. The organization has provided me a network of individuals who have helped further my success both academically and professionally.”

Vice President of Alumni Relations

Natalie G. Norton

Year: Junior 

Major(s): Finance Major with Spanish Minor 

Certificates: International Business Certificate 

 Anticipated Graduation date: May 2022

Hometown: Chicago, IL 

On joining FMA: “I joined FMA to expand my knowledge of finance and professionalism. Hearing speakers present and interacting with other members of FMA has helped me become prepared and excited about joining the world of finance.”