kangzhao Kang Zhao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow
Department of Business Analytics
Tippie College of Business
Affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics
The University of Iowa
Address: S224 PBB, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242, USA.
Phone: (319) 335-3831 Email: email

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Research Interests
My current research focuses on data science, especially the mining, predictive modeling, and simulation of social/business networks and social media. Selected research topics include
Analyze social influence, social support, engagement and health outcomes in online social networks for health. My research on this topic has been covered by MIT Technology Review, and U.S. News and World Report. Part of the research was sponsored by an R01 grant from NIH.
Recommend users of interests in bipartite and reciprocal social networks. The research has been covered by Forbes, BBC, among others.
Analyze the topology and adaptation of supply chain networks to improve the robustness/resilience of supply chain networks against disruptions.
"People Analytics"--Analyze collaborations, hiring/recruiting and performance using scholarly data and sports data (featured by USA Today and Washington Post, among others).
Develop predictive models for various domains, such as stock movement, and movies success (featured by BBC, Washington Post, International Business Times, Inside Higher Ed, among others).
Model social influence, and the diffusion of information and behaviors in social and organizational networks.

The Data and Network Analytics Research Group
Current students
       Anindita Bandyopadhyay (Ph.D. student)
       Changze Han (M.S. student)
Former students
       Xiangyu Wang (Ph.D., 2022, Business School, University of New South Wales, Sydney)
       Sulyun Lee (Ph.D., 2022, HappiestBaby)
       John Rios Rodriguez (Ph.D., 2021, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia)
       Zhiya Zuo (Ph.D., 2019, Dept. of Information Systems, City University of Hong Kong)
       Kristina G. Bigsby (Ph.D., 2018, Dept. of Business Analytics, University of Iowa, co-advised with Prof. Ohlmann)
       Xi Wang (Ph.D., 2017, School of Information, Central University of Finance and Economics, China)
       Amanda Aird (M.S., 2021, University of Colorado)
       Jintao He (M.S., 2021, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield)
       Apoorva Joshi (M.S., 2018, Elastic)
       Shiyao Wang (M.S., 2016, Spotify)
       Shangguan Wang (B.B.A., 2019, Accenture)
       Shuai Zheng (B.B.A., 2017, MathWorks)
       Sunyang Fu (B.B.A., 2014, Mayo Clinic)

       Database Management (Undergraduate)
       Analyzing Data for Business Intelligence (Undergraduate)
       Adv. Database and Web Services (Undergraduate)
       Database Systems (Full-time MBA)
       Data Management and Visual Analytics (MSBA, MBA and MAc)
       Big Data Management and Analytics (MSBA)
       Social Network Analytics--Models and Algorithms (Ph.D.)

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