User Guide

Our mission is to provide unbiased financial education, guidance and advice for our readers. You can read more about our mission, why we created this website, and our backgrounds, or you may choose to proceed directly to the Basic Principles module, which is the heart of the website. We’ve designed the Basic Principles module with links among the subjects (click on the subjects in bold print to jump to a particular area) so you can skip through it according to your interests. But, unless you already have a good familiarity with the principles of wealth management, we recommend that you read the Basic Principles module in its entirety. We recommend that you start with the overview section and continue through the other sections sequentially.

The Tools module provides a retirement calculator spreadsheet that we find useful. As we continue to develop the website, we will be adding references and other tools to this module.

The Articles module contains short pieces on particular subjects of current interest. For example, at the time we initiated the website, companies were beginning to offer employees a choice of contributing before-tax dollars to a standard 401k plan, or contributing after-tax dollars to a Roth 401k plan, or contributing some to the standard plan and some to the Roth. Our first article is entitled “Traditional or Roth 401k – Which is Better for You?” We anticipate adding new articles to this module on a regular basis.

The Contact Us page provides the e-mail address for sending us your questions, as well as your comments and suggestions regarding the website. We endeavor to make this website as error-free as we can, so we especially value any errors that you identify for us. We will provide our answers to questions of general interest in the Questions and Answers module.