Blue Zones Project

Blue Zones

Blue Zones Project is a Iowa City community initiative to make the “healthy choice, the easy choice where we work and play”. The VP of External Relations seeks involvement with outside organizations who share Women in Business’s values and can help contribute quality to members and the community.  Women in Business is the first Blue Zones certified student organization and has participated in the initiative in the hopes that it would help members become healthier individuals: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Because Blue Zones Project is a community initiative that hopes to make Iowa City a Blue Zones certified city, Women in Business will be involved as long as those efforts are ongoing. Even at the end of these efforts, Women in Business will continue to uphold the values of a healthy lifestyle for the betterment of its members and community.

To learn more about the Blue Zones Project, watch this video.

To contact WIB about the Blue Zones Project, contact our VP of External Relations, Michele Miller at