Speed Networking


The Speed Networking Event is an annual event that is held by Women in Business for our members to have the opportunity to speak to many local professionals. The members get to sit down with professionals and speak to them about many topics such as networking skills, interviewing skills, resumes, career paths, past schooling, etc. When the members sit down with these professionals they are given a timed rotation anywhere from 7-10 minutes, then can move to the next professional after the rotation is completed.


The event is normally held at a general meeting in the Spring Semester. This event is held at a general meeting so we can have many members attend and take advantage of this great opportunity.


This event is held in Pappajohn Business Building where the general meetings are held.


The Speed Networking Event is arranged by the Vice President of Mentoring. She contacts local professionals, which can be mentors in the External Mentoring Program, past connections, or alumni.


Women in Business does this event every year so our members can get a chance to network with the professionals and learn from the advice that is provided. This event contributes to one of our four pillars as an organization which is networking. We want our members to be provided with many opportunities to foster relationships and this event gives them a chance to foster those relationships with local professionals.