Tippie Women Summit

Last year’s Annual Conference was held on  March 25, 2017 from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Check out last year’s Tippie Women Summit Schedule here. Check back soon to learn more about the 2018 Tippie Women Summit Schedule!

Conference Mission:

Leadership is the difference between having dreams and making them happen. Some leaders are born, others are made. We all need certain tools in order to pursue our goals, and everyone can use some help along the way.

Leadership creates a dynamic between naivete and wisdom. Some leaders emerge from a need to share life experiences and others gain wisdom through their leadership. We invite leaders in our community to come and present us with their wisdom and hopefully provide us with new tools to face our leadership journey.

In 2000, WIB held the first Women’s Leadership Conference, which convened under the theme “Living the Life of a Leader: A Work in Progress.” That year, and each subsequent year, this conference has been a focal point of interaction between WIB members, professionals in the Iowa City community, as well as some of the most influential women in America. Past speakers include Kathi Seifert – Executive Vice President at Kimberly Clark, Ruth Harkin – Senior Vice President of United Technologies Corporation, and Dr. Carol Scott-Conner – head of surgery at University Hospitals. Past speakers have also included local entrepreneurs who run some of the most successful businesses in Iowa City.

In 2003 WIB received the prestigious University of Iowa Hawkeye Award for Most Outstanding Program of the Year. Over the years, the conference has provided attendees from diverse backgrounds with opportunities for inspiration and reflection as they learn from other women about their leadership journeys.