Executive Board Members

PRESIDENT: Tori Hunger

Major: Marketing 
Sports Recreation and Management
North Aurora, IL
This will be my 5th semester in Women in Business, and I am so excited to serve as the next President! This organization has provided me with so much, that I can only hope to further it in any way that I can, and provide other women with the amazing exposure to the world of business and friendships that I have had. Other than Women in Business, I am involved around campus and Tippie through the business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, and I also work as a Student Assistant for University of Iowa Athletics. Some of my hobbies include softball, running, traveling, going to sporting events and being crafty! Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns, as I would be more than happy to help! I could not be more excited for the school year, and GO HAWKS!

Vice President: MAGGIE MORONY

Major: Marketing- Professional Sales
Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa
Year: Senior
Email: maggie-morony@uiowa.edu
Bio: This will be my third year as an active WIB member and I could not be more excited! After discovering the group even before coming to Iowa – so many people said good things about it that I knew it would be the first thing I joined, and it was! – I have been obsessed with it. The people I have met, the things I have learned, the places I have gone, the experience I have had are all things that will carry with me forever. I have had the privilege of being elected as the Vice President for this year after completing a full year as the VP of Community Service and I could not be more thrilled to be doing this work! This past summer, I was a recruiter/sales intern with Aerotek in downtown Chicago and the summer prior I was a Human Resources intern at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Outside of WIB, I am an RA on campus and am involved in the student organization, CHAARG and Tippie Buddies. My passions include boating, traveling, meeting new people, networking, and motivating women in the workplace. Welcome to WIB!

VP of External Relations: Michele Miller

Major: Marketing
Certificate: Event Planning
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Year: Junior
Email: michele-e-miller@uiowa.edu
Bio: I am thrilled to say this is my 5th semester in Women in Business! Each year, I get more and more excited for the meetings to start and all the members join together again. This semester, I sit as the VP of External Relations on the executive board. I am eager to cultivate long-lasting relationships with companies to be part of WIB past my time here. I am working with companies to bring in top people for workshops, networking events, and other opportunities this semester. Outside of class, I am the Bud Light ambassador on campus and working towards my event planning experience. If I am not at home watching Netflix, I am most likely roaming through Target or sitting at Starbucks people-watching. I cannot wait for this year!

VP of Technology: emma keefe

Major:  Information Systems
Hometown: Marion, IA
Year: Junior
Email:  emma-keefe@uiowa.edu
Bio:  This will be my fourth semester in Women in Business and second semester as a member of the Executive Board. Becoming a member of WIB has really helped me find my place in Tippie: I love being surrounded by so many motivated and high-achieving women. As for involvement,  I am a member of the Senior Center Committee, a committee within WIB that is responsible for planning events with members of the Iowa City Senior Center. We have a lot of fun things in the works, so I encourage everyone to keep an eye out! I am also a member of Iowa’s auditioned undergraduate choir, University Choir. This will be my 6th semester in UChoir. Although I’m not a music major, I love being able to sing every day. I was also an OnIowa! Leader for the first time this year. Last year, I was a Supplemental Instructor (SI Leader) for Human Biology for two semesters. Last summer, I interned at Aegon Asset Management in Cedar Rapids, and this upcoming summer I will be interning at Ernst and Young in Minneapolis. As you can see, I love being involved in a variety of different activities across campus. Looking forward to a great semester!

VP of Mentoring: jayme kelly

Major: Accounting
Hometown: Le Mars, IA
Year: Junior
Email: jayme-kelly@uiowa.edu
Bio: This fall will be my fifth semester in WIB. I am eager to take on the role as VP of Mentoring because I am passionate about the power of mentoring. Last year, I was connected with my mentor, Julia. We meet biweekly, and it’s always a time of reflection with each other. I’ve learned so much from Julia, and have enjoyed gaining another friend. I do not think that my positive experience with my mentor is an isolated one, and I would love to work with our organization to help connect our members with mentors around the community. Being involved in Women in Business is one of my passions – I’ve met so many friends and made so many memories in WIB. Outside of WIB and school, my hobbies include hanging out with friends, watching Gilmore Girls, and going on runs. After undergrad, I plan to pursue my masters and take the CPA exam. Go hawks!

Vp of internal affairs: julia diltz

Major: Economics
Hometown: Maquoketa, IA
Year: Senior
Email: julia-diltz@uiowa.edu
Bio: This semester will be my fourth semester in WIB and my second semester on the executive board as the VP of Internal Affairs. My favorite parts of my experience in WIB have been my time on exec, my lean in circles, the professional trip to Madison my freshman year, and our networking events (among so many other things that I love about Women In Business). Outside of WIB, I am a Global Ambassador in Tippie, a receptionist at State Farm, and a Sport Operations Assistant for the Athletic Department on campus. I also love to practice yoga, read, travel, and bike/hike my way around Iowa City. I am so excited to continue into the Spring semester as the VP of Internal Affairs. I absolutely love our Lean In Circle and Gal Pal programs, and they are going to be seeing some great improvements this semester. I will also be trying out another program to create study groups for our members. This semester is going to be great and I can’t wait!

VP of community service: katy misel

Major: Business Management with an Entrepreneurship track
Certificate: Sustainability
Hometown: Solon, IA
Year: Sophomore
Email: katelyn-misel@uiowa.edu
Bio: Fall 2017 will be my 3rd semester in Women in Business. During my first year at Iowa, Women in Business has provided me with so many opportunities to meet new people, grow myself as a professional business leader, and network within the community. Outside of Women in Business I volunteer at the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center and am a part of the UI paws club. Some of my favorite things to do outside of school is travel, play intramural flag football, go boating and scuba diving, as well as design various wood products for my summer business. If you have any questions about Women in Business or would just like to grab coffee and talk about life please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

VP of events: allison portz









Major: Marketing and Management
Certificate: Management
Hometown: Remsen, Iowa
Year: Junior
Email: allison-portz@uiowa.edu
Bio: Hi ladies! My name is Allison Portz and I am so excited to be serving as the VP of Events for Women in Business this fall! I am thrilled to have been elected to this position for the second time and look forward to all the fun events planned for the semester! Outside of WIB, I am the President of Sigma Nu Tau, an honors entrepreneurship society, and a member of the Founder’s Club for my clothing business, Remmi Co. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin! Go Hawks!

VP of Professionalism: ali watkins

Major: Marketing and Management
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Long Grove, IA
Year: Sophomore
Email: alexandria-watkins@uiowa.edu
Bio: This fall will be my 3rd semester in Women in Business. Joining Women in Business my first year at Iowa will always be something I am so grateful that I did! WIB has given me incredible opportunities to meet new people, grow myself as a leader, and network! Outside of Women in Business I am involved in Dance Marathon as a morale captain, I work at the Iowa Chop House, and I’m in euchre club! (I love to play euchre so if you know how please let me know!!) Some of my favorite things to do outside of school is eat delicious food, travel, watch Netflix, and go boating! I don’t like coffee very much but I love me a good cup of hot chocolate so I’m always down to get some together if you ever have any questions or just want to talk! I’m so excited for this semester and to get to know everyone better!

vp of professionalism: morgan baran

Major: Finance and Business Analytics
Certificate: International Business
Hometown: Hinsdale, IL
Year: Senior
Email: morgan-baran@uiowa.edu
Bio: Spring of 2017 will be my 5th semester in Women in Business, I am so excited to take on a new leadership role within an organization that means so much to me. I previously served as VP of professionalism and got more out of that position than I could have ever hoped. I will now be challenging myself with a new role as VP of events. I hope to help underclassmen obtain the proper exposure to upperclassmen so that networking within our organization becomes even more successful. As a transfer student Women in Business was key to my success at the University of Iowa. This organization not only allowed me to find my passion for business but also helped me to find some of my best friends! This past summer and the summer prior, I was a construction loans intern with Republic Bank of Chicago. Prior to this opportunity I was a HR and Accounting intern at Aurora investment Management. I am excited to announce that upon graduation in May I will be joint Accenture as a Technology Analyst. Outside of WIB, I am involved in the student organizations including: Tippie Buddies, Tippie Tech and Model UN. My passions include traveling, baking, networking, marksmanship, horseback riding and spending time with friends and family. I can’t wait to how this new position further grows my passion for WIB!

VP of Fundraising: lauren jimmerson








Major: Finance
Minor: Sport and Recreation Management
Hometown: Independence, IA
Year: Junior
Email: lauren-jimmerson@uiowa.edu
Bio: This is my fourth semester being in Women in Business and second semester as VP of Fundraising! This student organization has provided me with so many opportunities that I hope to share and even create for you all! Aside from Women in Business, I fill up my time with being a private tutor and also working as an Athletic Event Management Intern for the University of Iowa Athletics Department. For this upcoming year in WIB, I am hoping to incorporate some new fundraising activities where we can involve the Iowa City community and local supporters of Women in Business. Some of my hobbies include basketball, running, lifting, anything outdoors, and going to sporting events. You’ll probably find me studying at the local PBB, in class, or working out at the rec. Feel free to connect with me on social media and message me if you ever have any questions or possibly new fundraising ideas/opportunities!

VP of Marketing: paige overmohle

Major: Finance and Accounting
Hometown: Carroll, IA
Year: Sophomore
Email: paige-overmohle@uiowa.edu
Bio: My name is Paige, and this is my first semester as the VP of Marketing! Women in Business was the first organization I joined as a freshman, and I’m so excited to now be on the executive board! I am currently a Finance Clerk at the University of Iowa Center for Advancement. Outside of WIB, I am involved in the Hawkinson Institute and Moneythink within Tippie. I also play three Intramurals because I am a huge sports fan! My hobbies include exercising, reading, and playing cards. I cannot wait for this semester!!

VP of Finance: emily howard

Major: Finance
Certificate: Leadership
Hometown: Des Moines, IA
Year: Junior
Email: emily-howard@uiowa.edu
Bio: This will be my third year as a member in Women in Business, and I am so excited to now be apart of the executive board. I received direct admission to the Tippie College of Business and have enjoyed all of my experiences and opportunities so far. Outside of Women in Business I work at MidwestOne Bank and am a NICU Ambassador for the Graham’s Foundation. This student organization has taught me a lot about being a business woman and I am looking forward to using these skills upon graduating in December of 2018. Some of my hobbies include spending time with friends and family, working out, and traveling. Please feel free to add me on LinkedIn!