WIB Woman of the Week



November 4, 2015

#WIBWomanoftheWeek Shoutout to miss Kelly who is leading our organization with membership involvement!

Even though this semester has been great so far, I cannot wait to study abroad next semester in Italy! I’m going with a couple of my good friends from here and we already have a huge list of things we want to do and places to visit! Knowing we’ll be in Italy soon definitely helps to get through all of these stressful midterms!





October 28, 2015

One of the Lean in Circles warming their souls with some froyo on this chilly night!
— with Brooke Herring, Mystic Henningsen, Molly Monroe, Mackenzie Jo, Vasundhara Srivastava, Shelby Portz and Meika Daelyn at Yotopia: Iowa’s Farm Fresh Froyo.





October 21, 2015

Meet Miss Jaclyn!

I think Women in Business is the most beneficial organization I have joined at the University of Iowa. I love the networking, events, and the people I have met. Women in Business has helped me grow as a leader and as a person.





October 14, 2015

Wise words from the beautiful Alesia McCardell regarding the Iowa Women’s Foundation luncheon today.

“The luncheon was really inspiring. It was awesome seeing so many women who have succeeded wanting to help others do the same. My faith in humanity is restored.”

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October 7, 2015

Have we mentioned how amazing our members are?! Check out the memo below from our ‪#‎WIBWomanoftheWeek‬ Gabby Hoeksema! You go girl! Empowering women to empower women.

Hey ladies! I just wanted to let you know about an awesome online editorial, the Lala, that focuses on empowering college women. The website was started by two young, motivated, Purdue grads and launched a little over a year ago. You can find articles on everything from college perspectives, to DIY, and so much more. I’m the first Marketing & PR Rep at Iowa and I’m so excited to share the Lala with all of you! So please go check it out at thelala.com and like them on Facebook by searching the Lala if you like what you find! Also, they open up applications around the end of each semester if you think being a Marketing & PR rep would be perfect for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Hope you all have an awesome week!



September 30, 2015

Meet one of our Lean In Circle leaders, Molly!

“I would say the best part of my week was meeting with the Lean In Circle group. It is a great way to meet other WIB members in a smaller and comfortable group setting. I always leave the meetings feeling refreshed and motivated to finish the week strong.”

Finish strong, lady! 💪
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September 23, 2015

Meet Miss Vasundhara Srivastava! The best part of her week was getting a good grade on something she worked really hard for. You go girl! 💪 ‪#‎WIBWomanoftheWeek‬






September 16, 2015

Welcoming new member Maggie Morony to WIB!

“I chose to join Women in Business because I wanted to surround myself with a great group of professional, hardworking women who share the same interests as myself. I believe WIB will be an excellent organization that will allow me to develop valuable leadership skills and open me up to many experiences for my future. Plus, it looks like such a fun group of ladies to hangout with!” ‪#‎wibwomanoftheweek‬ ‪#‎WhyWIBWednesday‬

We’re excited to have you!




September 9, 2015

“Participating in Women in Business helped me to grow professionally, while also allowing me to network and step outside of my comfort zone. I truly believe Women in Business is the best student organization on campus!” -Cameisha Hurst

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September 2, 2015

Wise words from President Maria Seltz: “Women in Business is more than just having something to do on a Wednesday night. It’s developing yourself as a professional and a leader and surrounding yourself with high achieving people who have similar goals. WIB is an organization that truly prepares you to enter the “real world”. ‪#‎WIBWomanoftheWeek‬




August 26, 2015

Our very first ‪#‎WIBWomanoftheWeek‬ goes to Elizabeth Brettnacher! She states, “My favorite part of Women in Business is participating in all the activities that allow us to grow on a professional and personal level alongside women with similar interests. It has allowed me to get involved, take leadership, and gain experience that is unique to our organization.” Some of her favorite events include Lean in Circles, volunteering at Girls on the Run, and attending the Tippie Women Seminar.