Fall 2021 Application

**The application for Fall 2021 will be available in August**

Women in Business takes pride in their members and their accomplishments. Over the years, Women in Business has gained a positive reputation throughout the University of Iowa, the surrounding community, and its professional network. The application process is not meant to turn anyone away, but rather used as a way to get information of our potential members and for statistical purposes. All members who were not a member the previous semester must complete a membership application and attend one membership meeting in order to attend bi-weekly meetings and participate in WIB activities.

  • Made membership in Spring 2020 (everyone): Will still need to fill out the whole application.
  • Never been in WIB: Will need to fill out whole application, and attend a membership meeting (see Membership Meeting page for details)
  • Was in WIB, but not in the previous semester: Will need to fill out the whole application, and attend a membership meeting (see Membership Meeting page for details)
  • 2nd semester probation: Please contact the President Cami Hunter, cami-hunter@uiowa.edu                                                                                                                                                                                             


How many members will be admitted into Women in Business?

  • There is not a cap on the members that WIB will be accepting. The point of the application is not to turn away individuals, but to ensure that the individuals in WIB will commit their time and effort to the organization.


How long is the membership application?

  • The membership application includes a demographic question and a few short answers, along with attending the membership meeting and paying semester dues. The application should take about 5-10 minutes.


What if I cannot make it to a membership meeting?

  • If you are unable to make that meeting, please send an email to cami-hunter@uiowa.edu
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