Spring 2021 Lean-In Circle Leaders application will be open soon!

Fill out the application here: COMING SOON


What are leaders responsible for?

  • Leaders will be responsible for coming up with a centralized theme, idea, or activity to initiate conversation and discuss throughout the meeting. These can include questions (“What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Why aren’t you doing it already? How can we empower you to go out and do it?”), TED talks (“How to Manage Your Inner Critic” “Know Your Strengths, Own Your Strengths”), readings (“Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” “GIRLBOSS”), learn something new (how to cook a meal, how to find an apartment for next year, how to clean a bathtub/oven, how to create your resume/cover letter, how to find a job in IC, how to ask your professor for help), or doing something fun (jogging, yoga, cooking, rock climbing, swimming, watching a movie).
  • Leaders are also expected to be an active participant during Lean In Circles. During the Circles, you are not only a leader, you are a member as well! Sharing your struggles and experiences can help your members share and learn. Reflecting on how each Circle went and asking yourself what you can do better next time!
  • Consistently reaching out to your members and Clarissa, creating surveys for your members, and using positive and constructive criticism to improve your circles.


What is the application process?

  1. Complete the application in the link above
  2. In person and/or over the phone interview
  3. Become a BOSS Lean In Circle Leader
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